Welcome to BrainStore's Project Manager

With BrainStore's Project Manager you have access to a universe of tools, which allow you to focus your innovation work on people and content.

Welcome to the ProjectManager

The ProjectManager is the entry point for your access to the BrainStore tools.

After creating a project

  • you can setup idea machines
  • create beautiful websites
  • and build your project community

You can access the project manager with this link www.brainstore.com/projects.

Manage your projects

Manage your projects - add idea machines, websites and lobbies and build a community.

Welcome to BrainStore's Site Manager

Create beautiful websites with smart workflow and templates to delight customers and yourself.

The Idea Machine Software Tool

BrainStore's Idea Machine Engine is a powerful tool to manage innovation processes.


Lobbies are great, when you work remotely and you would like to use BrainStore's tools in an online environment.